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A global, social media-based initiative that brings the names of the producers, mixers, engineers, songwriters, composers, and other collaborators who work behind the record to the front.
anderson paak album cover for Malibu. Collage of man playing piano in the ocean at sunsetanderson paak album credits for Malibuanderson paak album credits for Malibuanderson paak album cover for Malibu. Collage of man playing piano in the ocean at sunset

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The Roles Behind The Record

Just as each recording and the creators behind them are unique, so is each team. Recordings may have additional roles, and this list is not meant to be exhaustive, but rather a starting point. The best way to discover the roles behind your favorite recording? Check the credits!
  • Producer
    The visionary who sets the creative and technical blueprint for a recording, a producer serves as the director and overall lead in the studio, aiming to realize the goals of the artist, and also, hopefully, to create a hit.
  • Co-Producer
    A producer can’t always do it all alone. They might need a right hand woman/man. And maybe a left. Co-producers assist a producer with all responsibilities that go into the recording process.
  • Instrumentalist
    Drummers. Guitarists. Cellists. Saxophonists. Harpists. Anyone and everyone who plays an instrument on a recording.
  • Songwriter
    The human voice is an instrument. To fully harness its power, beauty, and potential, you need the right words with the right music. That’s where songwriters come in.
  • Vocal Production
    Vocals can make or break a recording. Vocal producers ensure the performers perform at their best in the studio, overseeing everything from creative direction to the proper microphone.
  • Recording Engineer
    Recording is an art and a science. Recording engineers have to master both. These creatives oversee the aesthetic and technical elements of mixing music as it’s being recorded.
  • Mixing Engineer
    A Mixing engineers (aka mixers) take the previously recorded tracks and apply their unique talents to create the final mix-down.
  • Mastering Engineer
    Once the mix is finished and approved, a mastering engineer will make the last adjustments to the overall sound and deliver the final recording.
  • A&R
    A talented artist will likely find success no matter what, but a first break doesn’t hurt. Artist & Repertoire (A&R) reps are responsible for discovering new artists and bringing talent together to collaborate.
  • Arranger
    How do you turn a good song into a great song? An arranger ensures every aspect of a piece of music works and fits perfectly together, from tempo to musical harmonization.
  • Composer
    Simply put, anyone who writes music (with or without lyrics) is a composer and a master of authoring music.
  • Creative Director / Art Director
    The right visuals can set the mood and help music tell a story for the eyes as well as the ears. Creative Directors and Visual Designs help make this happen.
  • Publicist
    Once a piece of music has been released to the world, how do people find out? Publicists help spread the word and get eyes on an artists’ work.
  • Publisher
    Publishers play a vital role in allowing musicians and the music industry to flourish, ensuring that songwriters and composers are paid for commercial use of their music.
  • Vocalist
    Also known as singers. There’s nothing quite like the power of the human voice when talking about music’s power to touch our feelings and emotions